Teddie G on 12 August 2020

our only saving grace is as some of the children have SEN and receive DLA we can use some of that on these extras but should we really be forced to have to spend money that belongs to our disabled children on uniforms and shoes? money that is supposed to be for their care needs! It is so frustrating my husband works part time because he rightly wants to, yet he could not work and apply for Carers for one of our children but for his own dignity he opts to work. but in turn we are penalised as his working qualify’s us for a small amount of working tax credit so we then miss out so are let down for trying to work and do the right thing. I’m another of our child’s Carers.

I do wonder how these families afford to go on holidays and have fun times and days out when we can’t do any of that as we are crippled with the costs of sending them to school (uniform)......... I also wonder how those without any disability benefits manage because I know we wouldn’t....,.

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