Angie K on 12 February 2021
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Q. Do you have deductions taken from your benefits?
Q. What are you having deducted and what impact is it having?
Not only am I paying back the 1st ever advance payment I was given when I applied and was waiting for my 1st Universal Credit to kick in last year of £100, I am also repaying the £200 advance payment I had to borrow as a result of the first lockdown taking my budgeting to a 0 balance because people were stockpiling. This meant, in order to succeed to get those low cost items desperately needed for our food cupboard, after 5 supermarket visits in less than 2 days unsuccessfully, the expensive alternatives started to add up. The shock did not finish there though, as before the split with my other half, who whilst I was off sick with a bad back, falsified and unjustly claimed for tax credits as if we both were in work, at the end of last year as a Christmas surprise from the HMRC, they started taking an extra £60 deductions on top of my £25 monthly repayments of the advance loans already. According to Universal Credit Overpayment department they say the debt transferred from my other half is over £1000. So if you are asking whether the £20 a week extra boost will devastate my ability to cope post April if it’s taken away (with a hungry growing toddler and weaning baby who still requires a good amount of formula)? To the Government-I know I definitely ‘Covid’ could not be able to cope!
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