Alex R on 23 March 2021

Its 1 year since first lockdown. Big hallabaloo on tv and media. Boris Johnson declaring we were stabbing atound in the dark. No Sir, you knew exactly.what you were doing.
You kept families and loved ones apart. You enforced laws and scaremoungered society via media. I spent time without a mask and time wearing a mask due to others small minds
I along with my daughter never had a corona test . I had 2 bacterial episodes that were cleared up with antibiotics. My appts for blood tests and breast screening were delayed by months. The isolation wasnt anything new as lack of support due to my dauggter's disabolity.
A man I know with cystic fibrosis is still alive and never needed to go to hospital

The elderly neighbour upstairs who chain smokes and a history of cancer is still alive and never needed to go to hospital.

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