Lexie G on 10 May 2021
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Q. What is your experience of home during the pandemic?
My experience of home during the pandemic has been stressful. I have four sons ages 17, 11, 10 and 7, my husband and myself in a three bedroom house. I love my home but due to many medical issues especially regarding mobility I had to reapply for a move as the house we have is prefabricated and some of the work that needed to be done to make it accessible wasn’t able to be done due to the fact the house is prefabricated. I was told by my OT that the council would need to rehome us. Sadly due to my health conditions and the boys ages there were no suitable properties. We would need a 4 bed bungalow there are none available the closest in my area are 3 bed bungalows but they all have young families so wouldn’t be available for a very long time. Thankfully most of the adaptations have been worked on and adapted and able to be done in the property. But there are many people with “large” families in desperate need of housing that is either adaptable or built to be disability friendly. Not all people whom are disabled are older or from small families.
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