Teddy W on 10 August 2020

Sitting down today after spending last week signing onto Universal credit trying to budget what I have left of my last months wages. Not getting any income now until the 9th September I need to stretch this a lot further than normally and I'm minus my WTC support which always covered my rent. My rent is due next week of £400 and again the week I am due my first 2 weeks payment. So already I'm looking at an £800 debt and lord knows what I'll have to borrow to pay off the direct debits I had committed to before all this. Applied for a discretionary grant today and trying to justify what I need money for is not nice. I know they will try and offer me a loan when they ring, I'm already trying to pay 1 of those off and was doing so until this, I've worked most of my life bar a few months when I was 18. This is humiliating and degrading and makes you feel like you have to justify your existence to a stranger.

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