Charlotte P on 31 December 2020
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Q. What are your reflections from a year like no other?
i found it difficult at the beginning of lockdown in NI in March with limited technology and no Wi-Fi to do the home schooling. The lack of resources and the school my children attended not being very accommodating I found it very stressful and sometimes difficult to cope with. Covid Christmas was a nightmare as I still haven't seen my children after testing positive on Dec 23rd. I was so careful and anti-baced and wore a mask and washed my hands and barely left the house and yet the virus still found me. I was so breathless I was concerned I may have ended up in hospital but thankfully I did not. I am still isolating but there will be long term effects as I am still suffering with tiredness and breathlessness. I feel like I'm 90 NOT 41. Its a very strange feeling. I am also desperate to see my children again.
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