Meg T on 15 February 2021
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Q. First up, are you a lone parent?
Q. Have you had any problems in getting tested or self-isolating?
As a disabled lone parent with an underlying neurological condition and co-morbidities, I consider myself vulnerable to Covid-19. But because my condition, Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy is not so well known about even though it affects 1 in 50 of the adult population, we haven't made it onto any GP, NHS or Government lists. I'm also a former nurse with some knowledge of epidemiology. I am appalled at the Government's mismanagement of the pandemic and do not trust them re lockdown rules. I basically follow my own lockdown as influenced by the WHO and SAGE plus other influential scientists whom I follow. As far as I know I and my son have remained well as we have effectively been shielding since the first lockdown in March 2020. We have not had a test. The main issue for me with shielding is getting shopping slots with my online supermarket of choice. Even though I have made them aware of my problems there has been no special dispensation given. I cannot queue at supermarkets due to extreme pain and fatigue and because I am not on a 'list' I cannot prove I need assistance. I have had to spend more money overall by subscribing to shopping services when I cannot get a slot at he supermarket as I am not prepared to breakdown. I cannot afford to get ill (not in a financial sense - a pastoral sense) as my 16 yo has poor mental health at the moment and there is no one to look after him if I become I'll or worse, end up in hospital. I do not go out unless I have to.
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