Victoria B on 24 July 2020

But my fears aren't the only ones out there. But no one in positions of power care about the scared and isolated down at the bottom of societies rungs. We're just seen as drains on the economy, our potential is ignored, as we're not part of anyone's sphere of influence/awareness, we are forgotten and shamed and punished. I never thought I'd be reliant in benefits, it wasn't my plan, I studied in psychology and philosophy and I wanted to make a difference in the world. But I can't now cos of the actions of abusers, perhaps if I survive til my children are mature, then I might be able to put some of my potential to use. But I'm aware of the limited probabilities. In times of national crisis its always the poorest in any society that are the worst effected. And the most ignored. The middle classes garner sympathy for their plights, the lower classes are punished, especially the women and children. And the powers that be reveal what they/the nation prioritise: property over lives. So people suffer. My family is one amongst millions. How can we call our nation great when we subject each other to such debilitating fear and dread. Very few of us have the opportunity to talk as I do here. As others in this study do. I doubt this platform will get much response from our leaders, who may at best read and tut and say "oh dear, it's so hard on everyone, blah blah blah", that's if they read it at all. I would eat my wellies if the powers that be actually apologised for their neglect and abuses.

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