Victoria B on 14 July 2020

Speaking of food parcels, we got one yesterday (they come every Monday), the bread was mouldy again but not so obviously this time (only noticed after I opened to butter them and it was inside not on the outside, only one day out of date - I don't know what they get their bread from but nearly every week its mouldy, sometimes clearly so though the packaging). But what made my kids day was a pineapple. My daughter squealed with excitement and shouted "mummy look, a pineapple! Mummy a pineapple!" it was so cute (plus a little sad that such an item be more luxurious to us currently than chocolate - meat and fruit are our luxuries). It was cut up and eaten immediately, did not last long as all lol. Happy kiddies.

Today we're meant to be getting little goodie type packed lunches for kiddies, that's what I was told last week, but I'm not sure if that's still happening. I was told I'd be sent a link via text to fill in so we could access, but no link or text has come (and they have my number cos they rang me on it to ask me if I was interested). I want to ring and check but I'm kinda unsure if I should, I don't want to seem like I'm begging or something. I think I will ring them though, my kiddies will be upset if they suddenly can't access something the lady promised on the phone to them. They're looking forward to it. Plus I don't want my kiddies developing the same sense of distrust to authority that I have, I want them to have hope when they're older.

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