"My daughter started back to full time taught lessons after not seeing her bubble class since mid December. Her school skirts no longer fitted her. It was a nightmare. School uniforms in Northern Ireland are very expensive especially secondary school uniforms. They are emblemed and you can 9nky buy them in certain shops. They have their own school colours and are specific to each individual school. We also have grammar selection in Northern Ireland. Grammar schools are more expensive than high schools. My daughter attends a grammar. The government award £75 towards uniform costs for secondsry school children and yet the entire uniform cost £390 excluding shoes and trainers for P.E. Thats a lot of money for any one never mind someone on Universal Credit. CoVid has wiped this year out as the children havent had much schooling which means this years uniform was a waste. I really wish the government or schools would provide more help with uniform costs. Someone should investigate why the prices are so high. With my daughters skirts no longer fitting her thats a pure waste of £60. Ridiculous. "

Charlotte P
Apr 23, 2021

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