About the project

We're conducting participatory online research during the pandemic with parents and carers living on a low-income.

Parents can get involved in a range of ways: completing online diaries; responding to our video big question of the week video, and taking part in virtual discussion groups. We've created a live archive of people's experiences across the pandemic, which you can discover through this site.

We've worked closely with Child Poverty Action Group to track the social security response

The benefits system changed considerably in response to the pandemic. But the system was also under new scrutiny because of the rapid escalation of new benefit claims. Working with the CPAG's database of contact with welfare rights advisers, CPAG have published regular briefings setting out key issues on the social security response.

We have established a collective of 14 research projects with a focus on poverty and families

All of whom are generating data which has a bearing on experiences of poverty during the pandemic. These 14 research groups have met monthly and are working together to synthesise and collate findings, and to share experiences of researching during the pandemic

Broader support for the research community at a remarkable time for us all

We wanted to provide a supportive space for researchers of poverty during the pandemic, and to create opportunities to explore difficult ethical and methodological questions. This has been facilitated by a popular webinar and blog series.

We have been conducting economic modelling

Working with economists at CPAG we have drawn out findings from our participatory work to see how they map onto the larger population, exploring the changing depth of poverty for families during this time.

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