Zine-making resources

Parents and carers taking part in Covid Realities worked with artist Jean McEwan to create a zine - a collage of words and images – about their experiences during Covid-19. The zine included individual stories of life through the pandemic, as well as acting as a collective voice for what needs to change in the future and why.

There are so many different kinds of ‘zines out there.. Part of the joy is in discovering them yourself, either through online searches or through social media; or (post-Covid) at zine fairs, events and libraries which can be found all around the UK.

Anybody can make a zine regardless of their artistic abilities. Zines are a great way to be creative in different ways - so no matter what you enjoy doing - drawing, writing poetry, creating comics, collage, photography or whatever else, you can do that in your zine. Zines are intrinsically political because they bypass mainstream publishing and aren’t mediated by anyone else. Community zine making gives people equal opportunities to share their voice, regardless of class, education or privilege, and to make connections, build community, and share their message.

The zines below are just a few examples of what’s out there. They all very different, and use a variety of styles and approaches, from the visual to the much more word based. Some are lo-fi and handmade, and others are put together on a computer. Some are super personal, and others are more about ideas, issues or campaigns. There’s or right way to do it - its about making your voice heard, in a way that’s right for you. Have fun exploring and making!

Some zines about class, poverty and welfare

Welfare Imaginaries
a handmade collective zine about the past, present and future of welfare

Poverty Free Futures
A zine comparing today with what tomorrow could bring’ A handmade collective zine made by the Dole Animators in Leeds

Poor Lass
zine and podcast

Some zines about Covid

Physically Distant, Connected by Care
by Power Makes Us Sick collective (online PDF)

Coronavirus experts
A zine about going into lockdown with disabled expertise

Horrid Covid
biweekly online zine dedicated to the cultural effects of Covid

Clickmoor photography group, Liverpool
community photography zine covering lockdown experiences

Batflu instazine
8 page e-zine, view on Internet Archive

Its gone viral
‘ This project looks at how the Covid19 pandemic was reported in the press, on social media and also how individuals viewed and coped with the unprecedented situation the pandemic caused

Corona Diary 2020
A hand illustrated diary by artist Vic Lee

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