15 July 2021

Response to Henry Dimbleby's National Food Strategy

I was interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme regarding the national food strategy written up by Henry Dimbleby.

This was a pre-recorded interview and I feel although some of my points came across they were essentially ignored by the follow up interview with Henry Dimbleby which was primarily focused on obesity and adding tax to “junk” food. To me this came across as if all people who are obese are this way through choice rather than the fact fresh food has become a treat for so many people / families due to it being so highly priced compared to “junk” food.

We need fresh food prices to be brought down to an affordable and accessible price bracket, adding tax to the only food many people can afford is essentially punishing poorer people. Surely increasing the cost of “junk” food is just adding to the food poverty crisis and it is just that, a crisis.

Food poverty is a symptom of poverty, and so what is needed most of all is to get more income to families who are currently going without.

This is a problem about not having enough money, and requires a focus on benefits and wages, not on food.

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