Meg T on 15 February 2021
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Q. Are you getting help with accessing food?
No. We are no longer eligible for help with free school meals because I chose to remove my son from Local Education Authority provision and home educate him. As with anything when you home educate you are entirely responsible for the financial implications of that decision, even if you are reliant on benefits. There is no financial support for home educators on the poorer end of the scale. I am fortunate though that if I go over budget e.g. due to an unexpected outgoings, I have access to a credit card. So if push comes to shove - I use that, even though I know it's not ideal. I have never used a food bank ever - not because of shame, although I would feel shame, but because there are so many other people much worse off than me and my son. And I would prefer it to go to someone in dire straits before me.
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