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Victoria B
29 November 2020
So excited and anxious for tomorrow. Checked my bank and the payment is pending, so I know it'll be there...
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Pearl N
15 March 2021
I am getting worried as my child is getting older that I may not be able to handle the tantrums yet to come. I have been being so patient but after doing most of the parenting for the last year almost alongside minimal breaks, it is getting tested...
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Angie K
08 June 2021
To lift the last lockdown or not? To have a Plan A and a Plan B…With the older one having his graduation @ Nursery Party hanging by the thread of the government’s decision, I have to look further into the future of things my Boy used to be able to do, but is limited to now and still be grateful as they say...
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🕰 Lockdown, rules, and social distancing
Maisie L
16 June 2021
That life has changed since the Covid started. Was looking at going back to work but that has been pushed back for know...
🕰 Lockdown, rules, and social distancing
🚧 Work
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Cara F
07 December 2020 *
I have been going to work as usual, the kids have been going to school. Apart from that, we aren’t able to get out much at all...
🤹 Parenting
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Victoria B
21 January 2021 *
Just got off the phone to my universal credit coach, about ten minutes ago, and my daughter comes to me for a hug and asks "mummy, why do adults need permission from other adults to live?" Confused I said we don't...
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Enzo J
18 December 2020 *
does anyone else find it difficult to get their child to sleep because they are too interested in missing out on something mine never wants to sleep.undefined...
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