Teddy W on 15 March 2021
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Q. How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?
Hi. This is something I have also worried about quite a lot. My child suffered with separation anxiety and I could see it begin to escape again. Being a single parent I'm all she sees from day to day and school and on occasions her dad. Thankfully I'm a key worker this time and I chose to send her to school 2 days a week to get her out of the house. Children's social and emotional development has really fallen behind this last year. I would love to see all schools give children an hour a week to just sit and chat with their friends, focus on their well being and support them. The media also has a role to play in stopping all these catch up stories. Some of our children are constantly catching up especially low income households this is nothing new. Our education system needs a complete review and children need to the be the central focus
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