How have you been managing in self-isolation?: "I've been isolated most of my life anyway, so I'm used to be alone. I'd rather be alone and safe than surrounded by the wrong sorts. I've very much learnt lately to not be too hard on myself, some days I just don't wanna get out of bed or cook or anything. On such days its totally okay to just rest and relax, read or watch some TV. Kiddies are doing well mostly, my eldest isn't a big socialite as it is, my youngest loves people but only in small doses, so the odd garden chat works well for them. The isolation isn't the hard part for us. We craft alot, we paint and we draw and we build things. Today my daughter built her own among us set from legos, which we enjoyed playing with. And she enjoys playing with people online, through roblox and minecraft. What I struggle with the most is the financial insecurity and the social pressure to be something I'm physically and psychologically unable to be right now (a tax payer basically lol)."

Victoria B
Nov 2, 2020

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