"Chasing my tail again. Who says being on benefits is easy. Phonecalls...on hold for an hour to get through to benefits office. Run down to shop for food, as we live rural and weekly delivery not been yet, nothing but expensive spicy meals for one available in fridge. Told to try later on day.
Letter to post but post office closed due to covid Next post office is 3 miles away and no buses go near it. Thats a 3/4 hour walk there and back. Daughter at home .still home.schooling and Im stressed. She has a fear of school due to anxiety because of autism . Social worker changed her rules again and i have to walk to her office to meet her tomorrow, instead of her meeting my daughter at front door of my flat. Thats another 1 hour walk to social work.office and walk home . Rather be working as less stressful"

Alex R
Oct 27, 2020

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