Erik J on 27 November 2020
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Q. What's happened to your spending since Covid hit?
My spending has changed since the start of covid. I have a very limited amount to start with. With my daughter being away from school there was certainly a jump in the amount of electricity that we used. I was not placed on the official shielding list but as I have diabetes I decided to stay at home as much as possible, so I had to buy a Chromebook in order to access the internet and sign up to a broadband supplier as I had previously relied on the local library that was closed during lockdown. This was essential as my daughter needed internet access to be able to continue with her school work and things like paying bills etc. needed to be kept up to date, the cost of broadband is a large amount to be paying out monthly when you rely on benefits to survive. I have also had to purchase books in order for my daughter to be able to keep up to date with her school work as she will be taking exams next year, again with no library or school open there was no other way. So overall I do think my spending has increased since the start of the pandemic and unfortunately I have been unable to replace my daughters school blazer or jumper when she returned to school.
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