Dorothy T on 24 November 2020
Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your mental health?

Hello, my mental health was never really great to begin with for many different reasons. But since living in the pandemic without the lock downs and many restrictions, it's definitely deteriorated. It's very lonely and hard to be stuck at home all day. The kids fight and they Break Stuff. It's hard keeping them entertained every day. You just dread the phone call from school to say that someone has it again. My son needs 24/7 care and attention and I was a single parent. That's an awful lot. So I'm allowed the next day same a Bible for extra help which I really do need a go to my mom's, or they come to my house. But that also leaves me an awful worried and paranoia all the time that if I was to pass on to them all, but they, my mom or dad if they were to get sick and anything was to happen to them and that it would be my fault and I would have to live with that and also that my family could hold me responsible for making him sick. You can't win it's a no-win situation for anybody.

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