"Well am not much for diary keeping, in fact am not very good at remembering to post in here, and my ADHD makes me forget most day to day things but here it goes.

So the day before the lockdown 2.0 is lifted, ive not been affected as I've just used amazon for every thing this year and tesco for others bits n bobs, ive properly spent more on Christmas this year due to lockdown and not being able to visit shops and find the best deals, but am happy ive done it all.

My only fear is that our buses will be over crowded again, even though TFL has set limits on the number of people aloud on board, I do get scared when there are people not sitted and windows are closed, it sets of my anxiety and I seem to be hating crowds again, thats probably my undiagnosed autism kicking in.

Life goes on and ill get to spend two days with my family soon, with my eldest daughter coming home from uni in a tier 3 area"

Charlie B
Dec 1, 2020

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