Connie G on 06 January 2021

Today is the first official day of home schooling. The children are currently watching tv. We’re not going to rush about and attempt a full school day, that won’t be something we can sustain, it didn’t work last time for us. I’m feeling quite low about this time. Even though I know I can do it, 6-7 weeks (the approximate time they’ve given us) seems so long. I just want to stay in bed, alone, reading books and drinking coffee. I may actually allow myself this sometime, because why not? So we will get dressed, look at the school’s offering of work, see what we fancy doing today and give it a go. We have a dog to walk and I will be taking the kids with me (much to their dismay - they just can’t be bothered - but I want them to have some fresh air and a change of scenery from the house walls).

I have mixed feelings about work. They won’t allow me to work from home (despite doing for a couple of months when I started back in July) so I feel anxious about this unnecessary mixing with other people. I can’t even appreciate it as the social interaction with adults that I am missing because these are not my friends or family and I feel it’s a completely unnecessary risk that I am putting myself and children at.

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