Lolarose J on 05 December 2021

What a weird week. There’s been protests and children getting yelled at if they are vaccinated and my opinion is ‘each to their own and everyone is entitled to do what they feel is best for their family’. I went to the Christmas Market and I was screamed at and so was my 12 year old daughter as we had to show our Vac cards but to be honest I never really wanted to be vaccinated as I have a fear of needles. I had such bad COVID last Christmas that it stripped me of my Christmas with my children and was the first Christmas I never saw them as I was in the COVID unit. I don’t tell others to get vaccinated and it’s sad that people were screaming at me and my daughter because we were. It’s all personal choice. Had I not got so sick I probably wouldn’t have considered it because of my needle fear and had my daughter not decided herself after knowing the pros and cons - I wouldn’t have forced her. So if I’m not screaming at those unvaccinated because that’s their choice then why am I and my daughter being yelled at outside the city hall waiting to go into the Christmas Market? It’s very strange as it should be a joyous time. I understand the frustration over COVID passports etc as I’m finding it so difficult to access one myself but isn’t that a governmental thing and shouldn’t the protestors be picketing outside the parliamentary buildings?

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