"Got a nice surprise today. Lady from local community center text to ask me if we'd like to be part of a pack lunch and activities pack project they're doing over half term, like the one they did in the summer (they'll drop off lunch and crafts twice day a week for low income families in the local community during school holidays). I wasn't expecting to be contacted for this, as we home school so don't normally get access to help like this, I thought we only got it during the summer cos we needed food parcels back then. It made me smile, every little helps. Plus the lady said she'd come at a time that suits my kids, as my daughter often sleep in late and I wanted my kids to have a chance to say hello to the people who they used to see at youth club every week. So they'll get a little social interaction, some food and crafty treats and an opportunity to see adults being kind (something I think very important as most adults aren't very kind too kids). Cheered me up a tad indeed. "

Victoria B
Oct 25, 2020

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