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Charlotte P
11 August 2020
I've had a great week this week. CoVid has shown me how generous people are...
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Destiny K
22 August 2020
I am so grateful for the days with better weather as it opens up so much more things for us to do! We took a short drive to Craigtoun Country Park and just having green space to let my kid run about and enjoy nature...
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Victoria B
30 November 2020
Today is a good day. Pay day...
🎄 Christmas
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Nellie K
01 December 2020
My sons lovely nursery have their staff training coming up at the end of December. Their focus is wellbeing...
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Erik J
14 December 2020
What a wonderful surprise Kingston carers network has just delivered a surprise christmas box for my daughter, beautifully put together with sweets, chocolates, body lotions and crafts...
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Destiny K
31 August 2020
Been feeling so grateful today. My sister and her partner are visiting from London and we managed to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday! I didn’t expect to see them until Christmas due to COVID-19 so it’s been such a treat...
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Gracie L
08 February 2021
One week 'till halfterm!!! 🧐🤯😳😁.undefined...
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Alex R
19 March 2021
A treat in with food parcel today. A box of lemon whirls...
🍞 Food / food banks
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Nellie K
21 March 2021
The vouchers we get for participating here really are a life-saver. I was able to buy my daughter some new clothes this morning and it felt wonderful...
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Lexie G
23 March 2021
I’ve been unwell with my health conditions this week, I’ve been unable to do much of anything. I did however enjoy the interactions with the COVID realities audio meeting it’s strange how interacting with other people can help you mentally and that in turn helps physically...
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