Connie G on 26 October 2020

I don’t feel I’m adding regularly enough to the diary because essentially the days/weeks are like Groundhog Day and nothing seems too different from one day to the next. It is half term this week. We had been apprehensively looking forward to it as we were meant to be away for 3 nights in my parents’ new caravan. Unfortunately my eldest was sent home to self isolate for 14 days from school so we are unable to go. The younger two were gutted but understand. I am feeling incredibly fed up about not being able to make the week any particularly special. So many people still seem to be going out and enjoying fun experiences but I don’t feel able to do that - I don’t want to take them inside anywhere and constantly worried about traditional family destinations being busy. We have a Halloween themed craft day planned for Thursday and then Saturday will be spent at home trying to make up for the lack of trick or treating. My enthusiasm has dipped to around my ankles at the moment. I know we are so fortunate not to be ill or immediately suffering the effects of Covid but “treading treacle” (as it feels like at the moment) is hard work

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