Enzo J on 27 September 2020

so I've currently been dealing with anti-social neighbours it's been so bad that my 4 year old was terrified, this caused me to lose my temper a little bit after the police refused to turn up to an urgent response for nearly 56 hours. in which time I have broken 3 bones in my hand as I lost the plot when they kept telling me my child wasn't important enough to respond for. The people upstairs from me were causing distress to my child and had been doing so for over 2 weeks! in a temporary flat provided to them by my local council (they had also been evicted the same day they was placed) and I was told it was going to continue as they was not going to stop using the flat above for temporary accommodation even said to me that the prime minister was the one letting them do so when I said I would take this to hi. If they continued... (which I have left the Conservative party a voice mail asking for explanation of why they would say this is it true and have also emailed several MPs in relation to this) now less than 12 hours after these anti-social tenants left there is another set of idiot tenants, who though it was acceptable to keep their washing machine going for over 3 hours last night keeping my daughter up till gone 4am as they started at 1.05am. The police and the council refuse to do anything it's been making our lives hell for 3 years. It's tempting me to start a e petition to stop the use of these type of flats as all the tenants over the years have been antisocial and I've been left to deal with a scared and very tired 4 year old, I've had to keep her off school because I've had to send her to her auntie's house to get away from this all and sleep. (why should she have to leave her own home just because of these temporary tenants) it is ridiculous what the council are doing to us and the police do nothing!!! 56! yes 56 hours I waited for police to attend a volatile situation where all parties were In danger in one way or another and they even then refused to do absolutely anything about this and all of the covid breaches and illegal drug use that was happening as well as all the offences to me and my daughter. these people shouldn't be allowed to get away with it and they are. the Reading Borough Council have rehoused these disgraces in permanent accommodation!??? Meanwhile we're left under this temporary flat to deal with every new tenant they throw in there. I've got to the end of my rope I've tried absolutely everything to get this to stop. I can't afford to move by myself, I was placed here by a scheme run by the council and told if I leave I'm making myself intentionally homeless and they won't help if I do that, yet all the tenants placed above me have either been evicted or have made themselves intentionally homeless! Yet they help them?? why won't they help us when we've been begging for 3 years for help and no one does we just get passed from one section of the council to another and fobbed off by the police I can't cope anymore

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