Erik J on 30 December 2021
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Q. What are your hopes and fears for the New Year?
A new year, a new year of increasing stress , worry and unknowing. Covid cases where I live are more than double the national average causing a great deal of stress around leaving home and my daughter returning to school in January, she has had a first vaccine but not due her second until the end of January. There have been several reports about the increase in the cost of living with the cost of food rising and utility bills rising even faster. There are just not any more cut backs I can make. I receive legacy benefits and have received a letter stating that the amount I receive will not increase again for the next financial year. The year ahead is going to be tough. We struggle now with the cost of gas and electricity despite not using the heating so apart from switching of the lights and living in the dark there is no possibility I can manage to pay bills, provide healthy food for my daughter and essential items. She is now in year 11, which is an important time for her future . It is fantastic that there are places like Covid Realties pushing for change, I am not sure there will be any meaningful change while we have the current government that is not fit to run the country. They are more interested in the cost of restrictions than the health of the people, they are more interested in lining their own pockets than helping families in desperate need, they make and change rules to fit in around them selves. Vote them out and hopefully we will get a government ready to listen and make real changes that will help those in need and level out the United Kingdom as a whole rather than having different rules and help available depending on the area you live in.
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