Victoria B on 30 November 2020

Today is a good day. Pay day. Couldn't sleep last night, maybe an hour of two, been up since about three ish. Money was in my account. So I paid all the bills I could. Then I placed a couple orders for Christmas bits. I wasn't able to get everything on my list but enough that Christmas will be nice, including our traditional lindy chocolates lol. Got a food shop in for delivery tomorrow also. And put money on Iceland card for later in the month, for the Christmas food shop. Paid my rent as soon as the phone lines for council housing was open. Got kiddies dressed, hats and masks on (it was freezing this morning, my drink on my bedside table was half frozen! And my chilblains were acting up, part of why I couldn't sleep), to visit corner shop for gas & electric, phone top up and some little treats for them (jelly and sweets), then saw that some of the alcohol I'd been hoping to buy (I don't drink often, can rarely justify the price on my budget, but this year I decided to deserve the seasonal treat) was cheaper than online, so grabbed that also while there, now stored in our 'for Christmas' cupboard (mostly dry goods like crackers, biscuits, Xmas cake, cheap bits one can get bit by bit in advance in there, spread the cost).

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