Nellie K on 17 July 2021
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Q. How do you feel about freedom day, and how will this affect your daily lives?
I’m trying not to think about it. Every time I do it sets my anxiety spiralling. I’m terrified that opening up so recklessly will allow a vaccine-resistant variant to mutate and set us back to square one. Another 2, 3 , 4 years of this would break my heart for my children. This isn’t the childhood I envisaged for them. My youngest has spent half his life in lockdown. I just think if we could be patient, if we could get all adults double vaccinated, and mitigating systems in indoor places (ventilation, Covid alarms etc.) then we stand a better chance. Personally, I will be doing less from the 19th. I certainly won’t be going to indoor or busy outdoor places. Freedom day will actually mean more restrictions for us, and we’re not even clinically vulnerable. We’ve already struggled getting out because of rising costs to access places, and free places being busier. This just takes these places away from us even more.
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