Paige E on 03 December 2021 🌟
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
I had covid about six weeks ago. Lucky enough it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately it must of really lowered my immune system and a few days after going back to work I caught noro virus. I actually felt worse with this than I did with corona. Hate being sick. I’m grateful I didn’t give it to anyone on my family or any friends or work colleagues. My grandson's class had five people had it. My daughter kept him off school a few days as it was just before my granddaughter's first birthday and she feels she already hasn’t had a life so was worried there was going to be corona brought into the house. Turned out the right decision as by the end of the week there was 17 kids and the teacher had it. Can’t believe we’re still in this situation nearly two years later.
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