People's 🕺 Keeping healthy experiences
Enzo J
20 July 2021
I am going to continue to wear my mask myself and several other parents I have spoken to about this have all said the same thing we will continue to take socail distancing measures and wear our masks in public spaces I wore my mask through town on freedom day and I got a few funny looks from people not wearing masks but I held my head up and stayed safe I don't think covid is over and I will continue to protect my mother and all the other vulnerable people out there aswell as my family safe yes we all need to get back to normality but at what cost I think this is a very thoughtless move it Is still too soon to say we are all safe in my opinion I hope all of you stay safe and take care of yourselves...
🕺 Keeping healthy
😷 Covid-19
Lois N
13 July 2021
I'm really lucky where we live. We have a garden, although that's my access to...
🏢 Housing
🕺 Keeping healthy
🕰 Lockdown, rules, and social distancing
Erik J
12 July 2021
RE: Job centre reopening. Good or bad I think they need to get back up and running as long as there are changes made...
🗳 Benefits
🕺 Keeping healthy
😷 Covid-19
Fiona T
07 July 2021
This week I'm FINALLY taking care of myself properly. I've been to the dentist twice and booked a hair appointment, something I haven't done in over a year...
🔮 Hopes + fears
🕰 Lockdown, rules, and social distancing
🕺 Keeping healthy
Destiny K
10 May 2021
There will now be ways to keep my little one entertained aside from parks and nature walks which are not suitable with wet weather. The hardest part of lockdown has been trying to keep my kid from getting bored but now I have other places to go!...
Children's wellbeing
👦 Single parenting
🕺 Keeping healthy
Howie P
26 April 2021
It has been a while since I last added to my diary. It has all started to open up again for me with work and so now I am looking at another period of major busyness...
🚧 Work
🕺 Keeping healthy
Paige E
15 April 2021
I’ve actually had a lovely week. The sun has shone and the fact of wearing less clothes has made me realise how big my waist line has got during lockdown so I’ve been out walking...
🌷 Spring
🌦 Politics & stigma
🕺 Keeping healthy
Alex R
14 January 2021
Nicola Sturgeon withdrawing a roll put of vaccines in Scotland. English news says now can have 2 doses out of a vaccine trial! Unsure if vaccine protects against other variants of Covid...
🕺 Keeping healthy
Alex R
08 December 2020
First day of vaccines given today. I'm not interested...
🕺 Keeping healthy
Aurora T
05 December 2020
We walk a lot. My children go to school just over a mile and half away...
🕺 Keeping healthy
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