Grace K on 15 March 2021
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Q. How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?
My eldest son is almost 16 years old, he is autistic and the whole lockdown situation has massively affected him. His mental health has been greatly affected, his school have a contact form for the kids online to message one of the pastoral team, which he did on Friday as he was suicidal. He had not told me he was struggling, thankfully the school contacted me straight away and we sat and talked. His first day back in school was today and I can already see that it’s helping him, the school have spoken to him today and are keeping an eye on him, as am I. I do think there should be easier access to mental health support for children, especially teenagers, as it seems to be around that age that children struggle the most. Getting a referral to CAMHS is like winning the lottery, it never happens!! And there are no other services for children’s mental health.
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