Victoria B on 21 December 2020
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Q. How have you been managing with the additional costs of winter?
With help. During the summer I'd put extra money on the meter to try and give me some leeway, but it's been so cold that that was used up by early Dec. I am only still able to use the heating because I was sent some Xmas money from a friend that I spent on heating, giving us enough to get through Dec. I'm assuming Jan will be colder so made extra allowance in my budget for heating to reflect this month's unexpectedly high costs. Traveling is out. Christmas food I've gotten some food aid and some vouchers, the rest was careful budgeting of buying Aldi vouchers on payday (so didn't get accidentally spent in my account) to adding money to my Iceland bonus card. Christmas costs, for gifts, we're spread out over the year and I got a small loan out through a friend, which covered gifts. Saved on things like cards and wrapping paper by opting out, wanna say I was trying to be economical/green minded but really it just saves money. Just about juggling ones budget, exploring which bills can be put off for a month so extra can be put on the heating, going without outings or trips that could easily get pricey. Much cheaper to stay home and watch TV (or play games) traveling is too expensive.
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