Al W on 11 December 2021

A big difference in my daughter's mood this December from last year. School staff have finally acknowledged her autsim diagnoses. Have accepted she will not return to the school where she was traumatised by bullying and lack of support due to lack of budgets to employ enough support staff. The large classes with overwhelmed teachers who couldn't find the time for individual pupils struggling. Who didn't find the time or forgot to make referrals to Ed Psychology when needed (long before Covid). My child is nearly an adult, she is not like the others who have had dreams quashed in the failing education system. She has talents, she has fire in her belly and as a single parent, will need to find funds to guide her into the profession she wants to pursue. It's not what the UK Gov want. They want repressed attitudes, taking on mundane, low paid jobs on the conveyor belt in the factories that mass produce to make profits for the business owners. Already mental health amongst children is in crisis. The education system has to cut practical subjects in favour of academic as these courses are cheaper to run. Lack of support to ASN pupils. They are thrown in the reject bin. Time to stand up and revolt against the monsters in Westminster who are cruel to our children.

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