Victoria B on 24 July 2020

If there were changes to my payments I'd receive a letter explaining when those changes took place and how long for and why, so I could plan. And if there was a glitch or 'human error' it wasn't a long wait for the next payment from the last, we'd not starve before the error was fixed. Now my stomach is in knots. I've been sick twice today through nerves alone. And I keep crying. And I still have the weekend to wait through. Before I find out how much we get.

And I've read in the news that new claiments for universal credit now get a two week one off payment 'to ease the transition', and I'm glad for those unknown persons. But it made me envious, and angry, and deeply sorrowed. I feel so sick with it all. I can't take the stress forever. I can't think, my emotions are a mess. I feel like I'm drowning.

Universal credit is torture.

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