Charlotte P on 26 November 2020

My friend joined Covid Realities yesterday. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her during Covid. In the summer she gave me the keys to her apartment when she was away and left food for me and the kids. Even though it was a 3 min walk away my 6 year old son said he was going on his holidays to the Aparthotel and my daughter was ecstatic to be away from the busy and sometimes crazy estate we live in. Recently this friend has stored food for me as I've no fridge and cooked meals for me and the kids as my cooker broke during lockdown. She does all this expecting nothing in return. She really is the salt of the earth. She doesn't even realise what that means to the children and considering she is the working poor. I hope she gains as much comfort from this group as I do as both of us have felt the depths of loneliness that has resulted from Covid-19.

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