Florrie N on 03 December 2021 ūüĆü
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Still impacting our lives. I'm on the vulnerable list and previously shielded for 16 months. Although I'm double vaccinated and had a booster , my consultant has deemed that I avoid public transport (my only mode of transport) supermarkets , shops and people. So that limits me to shopping online which is more expensive and isolation again. This impacts on my mental health , physical health and effects my daughter's mental health as she gets scared she might pass something on. I'm totally sick of the scaremongering tactics which no politician or celebrity seems to adhere too. It's just one long round of miserable news . Plus being on " benefits " I cant afford to heat the house all day, so I'm sat huddled up under blankets ... very depressing
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