Lois N on 15 March 2021
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Q. How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?
Hi just answering the question regarding children's mental health during the pandemic. My child has additional needs, SEN needs anyway, and attends a special provision, which is also helping him with some social ,emotional and behavioural needs, which are quite significant. We'd only just found the provision, so he'd only been attending for six months, and the impact on his mental health was tremendous. Unfortunately my sister passed away very early on and I'm sure that my own reactions and my own issues impacted my son as well. We've had a lot of tears, we've had a lot of upset and feeling very alone and as though he'll never make any friends, which was something he was being supported in doing at school, And I'm on my own with my son, so my boyfriend comes over at the weekend, but he'd spent the first lockdown here and we found that very, very hard. Going back to school, whilst it feels a bit scary, it was absolutely the right thing in terms of my child's mental health because we've really struggled with lethargy with \[my son\] not wanting to go out not wanting to speak to people and he's really become quite insular. So I'm really looking forward to that changing because it's quite a difficult place to be on your own.
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