Charlotte P on 23 August 2020

A main Covid reality for me this summer affected my children and I and it involved day trips. for the last few years a wonderful support group have been taking my 2 children on day trips to the beach, parks, caves and indoor play areas. it's a free service which is funded. Due to Covid they were not able to take my children. I don't drive and I've very little money. my children didn't get a decent summer. they didn't get experiences they had got before. a simple day trip meant a lot to them. I feel bad for them. We don't have access to a caravan to escape. We don't have the money for hotels or a house in the country. My friend from when I was 11 years old also called [anonymised name] like me posted the apartment keys through my letter box last week. She lives 5 minutes walk from me. she was going to [anonymised place] for the week. She said the kids will love getting away around the corner. she has Wi-Fi and I don't. my daughter always calls me a cave woman. I decided to go. They packed a wee case each on rolling wheels and we walked the 5 minutes around the corner. My son at age 6 called it the ApartHotel and my daughter said it was like Costa Del [anonymised place] (Belfast). It's amazing how Corona has shown how simple things in life can make all the difference. it wasn't the best summer but it was something special. It was an opportunity that prevented itself and even though it was close by and my friend was away it was a nice gesture and one me and the 2 kids will never forget. I will say 1 thing about Corona. It has made some people so generous and kind and obliging and so lovely. It has made people show ultimate kindness and has proved that money doesn't buy happiness what matters most is a gift of friendship and love.

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