Georgie O on 26 March 2021
Q. Have you received any support with food for your children since schools have been closed? And if you have, what was the support like?

Basically originally got the food boxes that were unethical. They were inedible. They were shameful, they're pitiful and we all know a story on that one. My daughter moved schools and went to a new school in September. Now being, what was it maybe April? We get food vouchers, it's an Academy school, they did food voucher because they decided it was the easier thing to do. They moved on to then in this latter end of the lockdown, they decided to allow you to have a choice of where you spent them in the supermarket. They were for food only which I understand. Which has been amazing actually. As with [anonymised organisation], we see lots of people needing help and support in the holidays, because they don't have this option. It brings back people's pride, to choose, and to allow for intolerances, dietary needs, religious needs, children who have autism or any other sensory processing disorder they can pick foods that their child will eat. And that's important for mental health, it's important for the stability of the home, for everybody to have the child need what they need and the family to have a more relaxing environment as possible. Vouchers are the way forward. Food boxes are not unless there's a massive change and they are flexible to meet everyone's needs and you've got enough staff to pick them up, drop them off, move them around. Whatever you need to do, because we had that issue where we didn't know whether we're picking them up, they were getting dropped off. Yeah, etcetera. Vouchers please.

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