Gracie L on 06 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
I still feel like a single mum, as my partner is not the father of my children and as he works nights he has a completely different routine to us and we don't get to spend much time with him unfortunately. This means when we had covid a few weeks back, it was pretty much just me looking after the Kids - though he did wash up once when I was too exhausted! We were lucky with just cold like symptoms, headaches, appetite loss, brain fog and loss of smell for me and my 8yr old, no symptoms for my 10yr old - and my partner didn't catch it. I did feel guilty going sick off work though as I know my employer can no longer claim back the money from the government - but I spoke to my boss who was very understanding. I worked from home the first couple of days of our isolation, then took the time off when brain fog and tiredness kicked in. Then when we started to feel better, I tried to make sure my kids did a little schoolwork each day. I am hearing all around me now that people have had or recently caught covid or know someone who has - whereas it hadn't really reached our county before. It's scary but I'm glad we are all starting to build some immunity to it. I am wondering if we are better off catching it and working together in communities to recover together, rather than entering any more lockdowns and feeling so isolated and lonely. And like others, I'm not sure about Christmas - I don't trust the government not to change their minds a few days before, so what's the point in making plans only to be disappointed?? Trying to concentrate on the positives, trying to stay positive for my kids, trying to keep the magic of Santa alive another year ( the elf has a chocolate sprout hunt for them this morning!) And just trying to enjoy what we do have, be thankful for it, and get enough sleep to be able to enjoy tomorrow too... Covid sucks but we're still here! 🤪☺️
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