Meg T on 08 November 2020
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Q. Is Child Benefit enough and what you do spend it on?
Hello there I have one school-age child at home now. So I receive 21 pounds and five pence per week for him. Whether it's enough that is debatable because I think all children are worth the same value in terms of child benefit. And I think it's a travesty and an injustice that second and subsequent children are not paid for as in line with what the firstborn receives. The idea for me originally when I became a parent was to ensure that each child had a little nest egg of their own to start off their adult life with but unfortunately because I've been in poverty for the past 15 years or so that idea and ideal has not come to fruition. So child benefit for me gets subsumed into the general household budget. So it goes on food bills, clothes etcetera.
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