Victoria B on 25 February 2021

I'm so stressed and scared right now that I've been crying for the last five minutes. Universal Credit sucks. My UC pay date is the last day of each month. This month that's the 28th. Which is a Sunday. So when payment is due on a weekend I normally get paid the Friday before. So this month I should get paid tomorrow, 26th. Everyday this week I've checked my UC account to see when my statement, telling me what I'll get, is available. It says it's not available until 27th (which is normal for a normal month, 27th being a few days before 30th or 31st, but this month that's a Saturday). My statement was finally available to see today. Usual amount (£1207) due to be paid 28th. Lovely I thought, so I'll be paid tomorrow. I go to check my bank account and make sure I have the payment pending, which I normally get the day before payment is expected. Instead my account says "no pending payments". Does that mean I won't get paid tomorrow? Normally I can cope until Monday for payment, when I know that's what's gonna happen, but this weekend is my daughters birthday. I can only afford a picnic in the garden and ice-cream from the van, but I won't even be able to afford that if I don't get paid tomorrow. Universal Credit doesn't give families the regular security to know when or how to pay bills and budget. I don't even know when I will be paid this month, will I be paid tomorrow as all my googling and checking gov website says I should (as my payday falls on a weekend) or will I have to wait without notice until next Monday (1st march) before I get paid. Why can't we just be treated with some dignity FFS? Why must they make the system so mean and stressful? I'm so tired of this monthly 'will I get paid' drama.

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