Victoria B on 24 July 2020

I don't want to go downstairs today, have to try and make something edible from ingredients kiddies dislike. Yesterday we ate like Kings, the local youth group dropped of tuna, sweetcorn, and cheese and wraps, it wasn't alot but we made warm tuna wraps from. I also defrosted our last meat (which I try to ration) and made cheese burgers to enjoy with the last of the bread. Kiddies also wanted to bake a cake, we have plenty of flour and sugar but no eggs. But we did get a bag of bananas from youth club so we tried replacing the eggs with bananas and used tinned peaches to make one of those upside down cakes. It wasn't perfect but the house smelt of baking and bananas all night and kiddies were so pleased with themselves. Things almost felt normal. We all went to bed with full and happy tummies, even me. We still have some bananas left so kiddies want to make another cake today, which is fine by me absolutely, I just wish I could give them more meat. Dinner tonight will likely be pasta, they hate pasta. They won't complain and I know they'll try eating it bless em. I also know they'll hate it. I can't believe that all we can think about lately is food. It's surprising how much food can affect the emotions within the house. From tense to excited to relieved. The children don't ask for sweets, they ask for fresh fruit. They say they miss my old home cooking, I used to make curries or sauces from scratch to eat with rice or chips, but ingredients for home cooking are more expensive than tinned and processed foods.

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