Victoria B on 16 December 2020

On a positive note. When the centre dropped of the bag of goodies today, they told me that next weeks delivery date would be different. It'd be on Monday. They also said they'd been giving us a £60 voucher for the local butcher. I recall saying "I'm sorry, what was that number, I think I misheard you?" they repeated and I said "a whole £60? For fresh meat? Wow" and they explained that they'd received funding to give out vouchers but still wanted to help local businesses, so this compromise was agreed. So with the vouchers they'll give us, and the Aldi vouchers I've already got, plus the fruit and veg they'll deliver on Monday. Christmas Dinner is basically in the bag. I spoke to another local elderly chap, he's got no one on Christmas day so I made sure to reach out and see he'd be okay, so I've assured him we'll send him some Christmas Dinner. So that's two extra mouths this year, which I was worried about (wouldn't stop me, everyone deserves a good meal on Christmas but I was a little worried if I'd have enough food to stretch for that many people) but thanks to the community centres help, I've nothing to worry about this year. That's how kindness works, it's a trickle, like a stream through the mountains, building to a river, eventually too the sea. Kindness spreads like wildfire when people don't have to be frightened or protect their limited resources. The more we receive, the more we can give.

It's kinda scary, like I know I've nothing to worry about but I'm still worried (that what if fear will always be there) but I'm also so glad, so reminded of what hope feels like, to see people coming together and helping each other out. Our community centre is helping local families and local businesses. I'm so happy for one of my neighbours especially, she has four kids in her little two bed house. Plus her partner (who doesn't live with her cos they can't get a house big enough for their combined family) has four kids in his house. So combined they've 8 kids, two sets of household bills and no job. They're also some of the biggest food sharers on the street. The mister works however he can but its tough for him normally, let alone this year. So I'm thrilled to think that they'll have no shortage of meat this Christmas (the community centre told me it's a £30 voucher per child, so we get £60 cos we've got two kids, so neighbour with four kids will get £120, which will be so good for their kids, maybe more if her partner also gets support, I don't know if he does cos, well I've not asked, not my business). It makes me so happy to know that the people around me aren't going to starve either.

Little things like this mean so much when our situations feel so hopeless. Small acts of kindness feel so huge. And it feels good to know the people in our community are not ignored or forgotten.

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