Teddie G on 24 September 2020

This last two weeks have felt really strange, being child free for the first time in 6 months is strange. It’s really odd how you get used to living safe in your little family bubble then boom the children go back to school, the house is trashed from 6 months of staying home and the anxiety of Covid has quickly crept up. I think personally in lots of ways it’s easier having the children home... I also find financially we were spending less having the children home we tended to shop less and followed more of a budget. Then there is back to the school meals and the cost they entail I’m unsure what’s best value for money pack up or school lunch... but I do know that buying lunch in bulk for kids eating at home somehow seems cheaper. Another thing I cannot get my head round is how college can run at 50% capacity have most work online and through zoom type meetings... my daughter attends college 3 days a fortnight the rest is home learning yet my younger children can attend school be in year group bubbles and be more exposed than they have been in six months... nothing really makes sense no more!

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