Erik J on 25 April 2021
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Q. What big changes have you gone through in the past year?
Hi, the pandemic for me has been extremely difficult as I suffer from mental health issues, I have strict routines and time frames that I would normally live my life around. So things were in complete upheaval for myself and my daughter which was stressful for us both. I do not have any close friends or family members, which has meant I have also been isolated as far as contact with other people is concerned. On a more personal note my father passed away early in April, with so much to do and sort out again this is very stressful for us. Even registering the death involves telephone / Zoom calls as you are unable to go along in person due to the restrictions. Staying at home is now becoming a normal way of life for me but I fear this will increase my mental health problems as more restrictions are eased.
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