Erik J on 02 March 2021
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Q. How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?
Hi, I would describe my life at the moment as lonely and uncertain. I am a single father with a daughter living with me since my ex partner left about 5 years ago, I am unable to work due to mental health issues and live on benefits which is a struggle for anyone, but I have no close family or friends so since lockdown started last March I have had virtually no contact with the world outside my own home. I also have other medical issues which mean I am at risk of hospitalisation from Covid-19, I try to only leave home to collect my medication from the chemist on a monthly basis. With the help of a food bank we have managed to keep ourselves healthy through the past year but with extra bills to pay like internet, books, cooking and heating etc. things have still been a huge struggle. Trying to find help and information of any kind I also feel is not easy. Now the government has announced they will be starting to ease restrictions I am finding I am extremely concerned about how we will cope when some of the help we have received comes to an end. I am however very proud of my daughter who has coped very well over the past year, I allowed her to form a support bubble with the family of one of her close school friends so she has been able to get out of the house, but this also means we have kept some distance between ourselves when at home. I do not feel that I really have what most people would call a reasonable standard of life, unable to feel I have enough to support my daughter and provide healthy food, warm clothing or even a warm home in order to keep ourselves warm and safe. Hopefully "tomorrow will be a good day" but I fear it will not be a good day for all.
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