Victoria B on 22 November 2020
Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your mental health?

Yes. I want to say no, to say I've been made stronger or that I'm resilient, etc. But that would be a lie. The pandemic, the lockdowns (which is still prefer over herd immunity strategies while also disliking in practice), the cancelled events, the hike in prices, the complete change in how daily life is organised and managed, the shift in public attitudes to social issues and heightened tensions becoming less obscured. Its all very stressful, very triggering and very distressing. And I'm a cis white woman blessed with the NHS and UC (while universal credit is torturous -workhouse of the mind- its better than the nothing many other people have to fall back on), I'm a woman of privilege, poor but still privileged. I hate how much recent events have hurt those less fortunate than I.

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